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Geoff Young supports PEACE.  Andy Barr supports ISIS.

The Democratic primary will be Tuesday, May 17, 2022


Andy Barr is a clear and present threat to our national security.


On January 2, 2020, President Trump ordered the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani and several Iraqi military leaders in Iraq.  That was an act of war that constituted illegal aggression against both Iran and Iraq.  Andy Barr supported that war crime and made it likely that Iran will start targeting our troops in the Middle East and will never stop until a future president orders them all home.  Mr. Barr tweeted the following irresponsible and ignorant comment at 10:37 pm on the day of the murders:

"This decisive response to Iranian-supported aggression against our Embassy in Baghdad is a massive victory for our Armed Forces, our Intelligence Community and the United States of America."  That single tweet supporting Trump's war crime proves that Andy Barr is unqualified to represent Kentucky in Washington.  He is a warmonger.

Mr. Barr is risking our troops' lives for money.  He and President Trump have been using our men & women in uniform as mercenaries serving the interests of Saudi Arabia and Israel.  In all his years in Congress, Mr. Barr has never opposed a US war, even if it was illegal like the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the 2011 bombing of Libya, and the US arming of al-Qaeda in Syria from 2011 until today.  International aggression is the worst war crime it's possible to commit.

If I win the Republican primary on June 23 and then beat the Democrat, I will support our troops by bringing them home.  We can't afford to police the entire world – our financial system, our economy, and the value of the dollar are all about to collapse – but we can afford to invest in America to make it safe and prosperous.

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About Geoff Young

The Issues

1. Support the troops - bring them home now

2. US troops out of the Middle East

3. Defund AFRICOM

4. Help prevent a nuclear war

5. We need Medicare-for-All

6. End Corruption

7. Legalize cannabis

8. Energy & the environment

9. Tax millionaires & billionaires

10. Abolish the death penalty nationwide

11. Andy Barr is pro-abortion, not pro-life


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