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Geoff Young (D) for Kentucky Governor 2023









I am the most qualified candidate to replace the incumbent, Governor Andy Beshear (D-Corrupt, Incompetent, Not--Yet--Indicted FELON), who is probably the worst governor of Kentucky in the last 100 years.

On January 30, 2023, I wrote the following two tweets to him:

"Hey @GovAndyBeshear, you're a hot--shot lawyer. Why did you go along with this BS?

"Human beings administering EUA products have no informed consent obligations to provide information about ingredients, risks, benefits, alternatives, or the option to accept or refuse the products"

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Geoffrey M. Young




Dr. Paul Alexander writes: "because legally, nothing has been done, no one has done wrong to anyone...

2. EUA [Emergency Use Authorization] products are exempt from laws regulating researcher use of investigational, experimental drugs, devices and bio..."

What this means is that Mister Andy Beshear (he doesn't deserve to be called Governor Beshear) has been risking the lives & health of literally millions of Kentuckians since 2020 on untested, experimental, "emergency" mRNA potions while Big Pharma corporations such as Pfizer have no legal liability whatsoever.

I've lived in Fayette County since 1982 and I know what the people of Kentucky need.  I worked in Frankfort for 15 years in the Energy & Environment Cabinet and learned a lot about how state government works. 

Mister Beshear, on the other hand, is totally corrupt for conspiring since 2015 with the KDP (Kentucky Democratic Party) and KET several times to rig Democratic primaries against me.

Also, Mr. Beshear badly mismanaged the Commonwealth's response to covid-19.  I can say with 100% certainty that I wouldn't have allowed any mRNA "vaccines" to be used in Kentucky because I knew back in 2020 that they were extremely unsafe and less effective than various well-proven treatments.  If I had become Governor in 2019, I would've made Kentucky "The Horse-Paste (Ivermectin) Capital of the World."  Many Kentuckians who died needlessly because of Beshear's total ignorance about science would still be alive today.

Yours in Peace,

Geoff Young

Please help me replace the totally corrupt, arrogant, ignorant Andy Beshear

with an honest Democrat who believes in the fundamental public heath policy of:

First, Do No Harm.

If you want to contribute, please mail me a check made out to:

Geoff Young for Kentucky

My address is 2430 Millbrook Drive

Lexington, KY 40503

My land line number is (859) 278-4966

Email address:

To contribute by credit card, click:

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