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Geoff Young (D) for Kentucky Governor 2023




I am the most qualified candidate to replace the incumbent, Andy Beshear (D-Ignorant, Lying Crook), who is probably the worst governor Kentucky has had in the last 100 years. I've lived in Fayette County since 1982 and I know what the people of Kentucky need. I worked in Frankfort for 15 years in the Energy & Environment Cabinet and learned a lot about how state government works. 

Mainstream media (MSM) reporters like to ask just about all candidates who they support for president in 2024, so I'll get that topic out of the way first: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (D) decided to run for president, and I will support him wholeheartedly. Imho, the strongest point in his favor is that he's not a violent, terrorist-supporting, mass-murdering, ignorant, savage, neoconservative, proven WAR CRIMINAL like Joe Biden (D) and Donald Trump (R) are. 

The second issue I want to cover is that the federal government and many state governments totally mismanaged our responses to the covid-19 situation. Andy Beshear (D-Ignorant, Lying Crook) is one of those terrible governors who listened to Dr. Fauci, many other completely ignorant federal bureaucrats, many totally corrupt, lying, Big Pharma executives, and most mainstream media (MSM) commentators who have been telling us for the last 3 years that vaccines were the best or only answer.

I have a highly-developed BS detector, and I've never believed a word Fauci has ever said. [Ditto for Donald Trump (R-War Criminal) and Joe Biden (D-War Criminal), by the way]. I've known since childhood that no one has ever developed a vaccine for the common cold. When I found out three years ago that covid is a coronavirus (which causes some cases of the common cold), I became extremely skeptical that a brand-new, mRNA vaccine developed at "Warp Speed" could possibly be the single answer to covid-19. The more I learned about mRNA "vaccines" and spike proteins, the more skeptical I became. I started reading technical papers and watching videos by scientists from around the world who were also skeptical, and I became convinced that the vaccine-only strategy would be a disaster. I knew that covid-19 would keep mutating to survive and keep one step ahead of any vaccine that we can ever develop in any laboratory. Also, I was alarmed to see our country's medical Establishment attacking health professionals who were saying that our natural immune systems and safe, well-proven treatments such as ivermectin and should be used to treat covid-19 early. Three years later, the skeptics and I have been proven right. More and more evidence comes out every day that mRNA "vaccines" are neither safe nor effective. If I had won my campaign for Governor in 2019, I would have asked the Democrats and Republicans in the Kentucky General Assembly to pass legislation outlawing all mRNA "vaccines" in Kentucky for at least 10 years, until we had more safety data. Unlike Andy Beshear (D-Ignorant, Lying Crook) I would never have tried to overrule or pre-empt the General Assembly by issuing any executive orders or mandates in response to covid-19.

Pfizer, Moderna, and every other Western vaccine manufacturer should receive the corporate death penalty for falsifying their safety test results. Every jurisdiction should revoke their corporate charters & make it illegal for them to do business anywhere in the world.

Karen Kingston wrote:
"Brook Jackson is an experienced director of FDA clinical trials who reported dozens of the FDA violations she personally observed while working at Ventavia...
The vaccine could not be a ‘may be effective vaccine’ or ‘may be safe vaccine’ but must be guaranteed to be safe and effect per their Operation Warp Speed contract."

Here is the complete article published on March 17, 2023:

Kentucky's botched covid-19 response proves that Andy Beshear has been recklessly risking the lives & health of literally millions of Kentuckians since 2020 on untested, experimental, "emergency" mRNA potions while ignoring the deadly fraud that Big Pharma corporations such as Pfizer and Moderna have been committing against millions of people around the world. This issue explains why I always call Beshear "ignorant."

The reason I add the words "lying" and "crook" is that Beshear should never have been allowed to keep his name on the ballot in 2019 when he first ran for Governor of Kentucky. It became clear in 2019 that Andy Beshear had joined an ongoing criminal conspiracy to rig primary elections against me. I filed a regular lawsuit against the whole conspiracy in April, 2019 and a ballot challenge against Mr. Beshear in October, 2019, but several totally corrupt judges violated the law and threw out both lawsuits before allowing any discovery to take place. No jury was allowed even to hear either case, much less enter a final verdict. If and when I am elected Governor in November, 2023, judicial reform will be high on my list of priorities.

On April 11, 2023 I had to file a ballot challenge against Andy Beshear in the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky because the Kentucky Democratic Party and KET are illegally rigging the entire Democratic primary again. The KDP even amended its bylaws to allow them to rig their own primaries, but no Party bylaw can overrule a Kentucky statute or the federal & Kentucky Bill of Rights. You can read my whole Complaint on Dropbox here:

Other issues:

North Dakota has had a state bank since 1918. Kentucky should too.

On March 17, 2023, Nathan Newman published an article about the very successful Bank of North Dakota (the BND):

Mr. Newman wrote that the BND's capital "comes from the state government moving all of its own deposits from for-profit banks. Its primary mission is not to directly make loans but to support local banking institutions - and the result is that North Dakota has the most local banks in the nation per person."  Here are some of the advantages:

  • The result is far more loans per capita to small businesses in North Dakota than in the rest of the country, over 400 percent more than the national average.

  • 31% of the Bank’s loan portfolio are student loans, offering loan rates far lower than the national average (as low as 2% for many loans in recent years).

  • All of this while returning profits to the state -- $385 million over 20 years or the equivalent of $3,300 per family to fund public services in the state.

I will work with every member of the General Assembly to establish a Kentucky State Bank. Even if our entire federal financial system (aka "Wall Street") collapses, North Dakota's and Kentucky's small local banks and credit unions will survive and thrive.

It's clear to me that our country is going to enter a second Great Depression very soon. Why? Because the federal government's aggressive, violent, imperialistic foreign policies are turning about 7 billion of the world's 8 billion people against America. The world is separating into three blocs: the violent, murderous, aggressive, imperialistic, lawbreaking West (Example: the Pentagon's terrorist attack against the NordStream pipeline), the Russia-China alliance, and a neutral bloc led by India. Andrew Korybko, a brilliant analyst of international relations, wrote this on March 4, 2023:

"The global systemic transition’s impending evolution towards tri-multipolarity could see the US-led West’s Golden Billion, the Sino-Russo Entente, and the de facto Indian-led Global South becoming the most prominent poles in International Relations, below which would be rising powers and regional groups." According to Andrew Korybko, the good news is that "All actors would balance one another by multi-aligning within and between their respective levels, which might result in stabilizing global affairs much more than the prior unipolar and bi-multipolar orders did."

Kentucky's economy needs to become more resilient and self-sufficient to deal with the coming collapse of Wall Street, the stock market, and the value of the dollar in international trade, and I believe Kentuckians are resourceful and hard-working enough to accomplish that. I will work with the General Assembly to eliminate Kentucky's sales tax, increase taxes on billionaires & centi-millionaires and on huge corporations, and lower taxes for poor and middle-class people. My administration will foster more co-ops and labor unions in all sectors of the economy.  We should not use public incentives or tax breaks to try to lure more huge, for-profit corporations into Kentucky.  Small, medium-sized, and even large corporations will flock to Kentucky once they see how we have made Kentucky more resilient against economic downturns and gotten rid of many of our corrupt judges, lawyers, and public officials.  Widespread corruption leads to a bad business climate and grave injustices for all Kentuckians.

The overturning of the Roe V. Wade Supreme Court decision in June, 2022 was a full-scale, partisan, Republican attack against women's health and women's constitutional rights. If all abortions are made illegal in every state with no exceptions, thousands of women will die every year for lack of reproductive health care. The six woman-hating, Constitution-shredding, precedent-shredding, Republican justices on the US Supreme Court should be impeached because they overturned Roe v. Wade simply because they had the votes. I am a strong supporter of Planned Parenthood, and I will work hard to repeal every bit of Kentucky legislation the immoral, woman-hating "Right-To-Life" political movement has ever gotten passed.

I support the legalization of cannabis and more drug treatment programs to help Kentucky addicts recover from their addictions. That will dramatically reduce the number of overdose deaths that happen in Kentucky, and it will get organized crime out of the addictive drug business. The comedian John Oliver did an excellent segment called "Harm Reduction" on March 27, 2022, and it represents my position about how to solve the addiction and drug overdose crisis:

I support Defend the Guard legislation, which would prohibit Kentucky’s National Guard units from ever being deployed into active combat outside the 50 states without a formal declaration of war by Congress, as provided by the U.S. Constitution. See the website,

Yours in Peace,

Geoff Young (D)

Endorsed by Covert Action Magazine and Movement for Peoples Democracy.

Please help me replace the totally corrupt, arrogant, ignorant Andy Beshear (D)

with an honest Democrat who believes in the fundamental public heath policy of

"First, Do No Harm."

If you want to contribute, please mail me a check made out to

Geoff Young for Kentucky

My address is 2430 Millbrook Drive

Lexington, KY 40503

My land line number is (859) 278-4966

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