1. Abolish the CIA

I put up a billboard that says, “Abolish the CIA.” Why? Because it's the worst terrorist organization in the world today. Ever since the CIA was founded in 1947 it has gotten us into one illegal, immoral war after another. The CIA has tortured many prisoners, for example at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, and has trained thousands of foreign torturers who work for countries allied to Washington. Their so-called “intelligence” is almost always wrong. CIA officials are frequently caught lying to Congress and the American people. The CIA also smuggles addictive drugs like heroin and cocaine into America and profits from the drug trade. The opiate addiction that has plagued Kentucky is not Kentucky's fault; it was inflicted upon us by the CIA. The CIA was almost certainly involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy (D) in 1963. We have 16 other agencies that gather intelligence on what other countries are doing, and the CIA has the worst record among these members of America's "Intelligence Community." Abolishing the CIA and ending all of our immoral, illegal wars is the simplest way to make our country more secure, not less.

Millions of people around the world, including me, regard our military invasions as illegal aggression, which is the supreme international crime, and we end up with more and more enemies.  Military empires always go bankrupt and collapse when they make too many enemies and start too many wars, even if each enemy is small; and Iran, Russia and China are not small countries.  Washington is stoking the fires of anti-American hatred by maintaining about 900 military bases all around the world and assassinating foreign military leaders and innocent civilians.  All of the world's other countries combined have only about 30 military bases outside their own countries.

Peace is my top priority, and it's not even on Andy Barr's list.  He has always been a reckless, vicious, pro-war, ignorant neocon, and as such, he supports all U.S. wars that the military-industrial complex supports - even if they're illegal and immoral.

On February 4, 2022, Barr voted against H.R. 4521, the America COMPETES Act of 2022: the Bioeconomy Research and Development Act. Almost every Democrat voted for it, and almost every Republican voted against it. The final vote was 222-210, so it was sent to the Senate. I would've voted for it because I believe it would have helped America's R&D efforts in an area of increasing importance to our economy.

Barr issued a press release that tried to explain why he voted against it. The title of the press release was, "Barr Votes Against the America Concedes to China Act," which one could call a misleading name. I would call it an intentional misrepresentation that Barr used to appeal to the Republican base, which has been indoctrinated to hate China. One reason Barr cited was that the bill didn't include "any provisions preventing the funding from going to projects in China that use Uyghur Slave Labor." Through my own independent research that looked at all sides of that issue, I found and concluded that the accusation that China forces members of the Uyghur ethnic group to work as slaves is totally false propaganda. So Barr constantly repeats a vicious claim against China's human rights record when the evidence strongly suggest that the claim is totally false and fraudulent; and he also voted against a bill that would have been good for our economy at home. No one likes to see false propaganda and illegal sanctions used against their country. China and Russia are now allies, partly because the US government and the mainstream media corporations keep threatening their national security, lying about them, and trying to damage their economies.

Conclusion: Andy Barr is a clear & present danger to our troops, our economy and our national security.

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