Get Big Money out of Politics

June 8, 2022

Vast amounts of money in politics have corrupted our entire political system. We no longer have a republic; the entire federal government is now run by corporations, lobbyists, mainstream media (MSM) corporations, and billionaires.

Many individuals and groups are working to enact campaign finance reform, and I will work with them when I get to Washington. The group, has proposed a constitutional amendment that includes the following necessary reforms:

1) “Every second year, Congress shall establish a single limit on the amount of wealth each citizen may contribute or use to aid in the election or appointment of candidates seeking to represent the citizen in any government office.  That limit shall not exceed one percent of the median annual income of all citizens of the United States.”

Explanation: “Today median income, the very middle of all income (half of Americans make more, half less) is about $36,000. So, the limit that anyone, rich or poor could give to each candidate for one election would be about $360 (1% of the median), which would automatically adjust with inflation. The phrase “seeking to represent the citizen” nullifies the Supreme Court’s decision in McCutcheon et al. v. Federal Election Commission which allowed citizens to contribute to an unlimited number of candidates throughout the country.”

2) “The limit shall apply to the costs of producing and distributing messages pertaining to candidates or their campaigns when those messages are designed by the producer or distributor for audiences to witness unintentionally or without seeking the message, or the message fails to identify the source of the message. The costs of no other messages about candidates shall be limited by this amendment.”

Explanation: “This is the key element to nullifying the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision because it stops superPACs from advertising for candidates.
Independent advertising above the $360 limit is prohibited. However, candidates can still advertise, and all other speech about candidates from any person or organization is allowed. What defines advertising here is the public’s ability to choose to hear it. When you tune in to news, opinion and political satire shows, you know you’re going to hear political messages in the show, so those would be exempt from this law.” …

4) “No wealth or assets other than those authorized by this Amendment may be contributed to candidates’ campaigns, or be used to supplement or offset the costs of candidates’ campaigns. Candidates may use only the wealth and assets authorized by this Amendment to fund the cost of campaigning and advertising for election or appointment.”

Explanation: “All other sources of contributions and advertising are not allowed. This closes the door on independent advertising from any source other than campaigns and citizens, which must be funded under the limit. This also prevents predictable and unpredictable loopholes, like contributions to candidates from non-citizens and foreign governments, or wealthy candidates funding their own campaigns. This sweeping limitation also nullifies the portion of the Supreme Court’s decision in Buckley v. Valeo which allowed candidates to spend their unlimited personal money on their campaign; under CFR28 they are subject to the same limit as all citizens established in Section 1.”

I will also work to enact other laws that would help get big money out of politics and restore some democracy to our government.

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